10 october 2018

An entrepreneur painted consumers in three colors. How does this help the business?


Many attributes of the modern state are already archaic. The social organism as we know it can transform dramatically shortly, and we already can observe the signs of this process.

I see a state of the future as a showcase of contractors who perform specific functions for citizens. But choosing a suitable contractor may not come easy, for people are different as well as criteria for selecting service providers.
Mainly for this reason rating systems cannot be a reliable tool. Imagine you're using Uber.

You got into a car, where a driver offers you fresh water, mint candies and everything seems to be hunky-dory, except for one little thing — the smell. You have a sensitive nose and cannot stand odors of the car. So you'll give this ride two or three stars. Someone who doesn't care about smells will complain about lack of candies or wi-fi.
Sow how do we rate services when every rating system has its flaws?

I see a state of the future as a showcase of contractors who perform specific functions for citizensI came up with a concept of 'colored consumers'. Let's take three types of human relations — 'I and me,' which is self-centered, 'You and I,' which adresses personal interactions, and 'I and We,' which adresses relations between individuals united by common goals. Let's then paint them in three different colours, for instance, red, green and blue respectively

None of these colors is 'worse' than the others. It's simply a gradation that will allow people not to make mistakes. If one wants to know if a movie is any good for 'red' audience, that person reads reviews in the 'red' section.  

Data for 'color differentiation' is easy to collect through social networks and process it with neural networks. This will become the basis for the transformation of all states into a new type of society discussed at the beginning.

If you're scared, you should not be. This is not a dystopia, this is just progress.

Pavel Muntyan

Pavel is an animation artist and technlogy evangelist from Cyprus. His projects hit 1,64 billion views on YouTube and were aired in 130 countries. 

"The most important thing is not to be distracted."


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