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Modern office real estate in Minsk for owners and tenants. Autumn 2018.

Автор Tvoya stolitsa
Страниц 29
Дата выпуска 13 december
Язык English
Формат PDF
400 BYN

Modern office real estate in Minsk for owners and tenants. Autumn 2018. Analytical review from the Group of Companies “Tvoya stolitsa”


Юрий Попов. – руководитель направления «Твоя столица. Недвижимость для бизнеса»

Yuri Popov

Head of Consulting and Analytics of the Group of Companies “Tvoya stolitsa” 

“The market of modern office real estate continues to grow both quantitatively and qualitatively. The purpose of our research is to provide market participants (tenants, owners, investors and developers) with relevant and reliable information for making informed decisions..”

The review contains:

  • Detailed market structure of business centers;
  • List of business centers (with characteristics) that entered the market in 2018 and are expected to be commissioned in 2019;
  • The volume of vacant spaces for rent;
  • Structure and price distribution of demand for office spaces for rent and property;
  • Market rental rates and office prices, depending on the quality class, formed on the basis of transactions;
  • Profitability of office spaces;
  • Forecast of changes in rental rates until the end of 2018;
  • Rental rates for each class «A» and «B+» business center;
  • Equity construction of business centers: objects, prices and current offers;
  • Trends and forecasts in the rental market;
  • and more.


400 BYN

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